You’re one step away to becoming a leader

A leader of a company

A leader of a team

A leader for your family

A leader of your own life

But I am not a CEO? - It does not matter what your title or position is. The only thing that is important is the impact you choose to make.

Then what is a leader? - A leader is someone who influences.

Trust me. You are already a leader or you wouldn’t be here.

You just need to show the leader you already are to the outside world.

It all starts with a Pineapple Mindset.


Hi, my name is

Chloe Edwards

I am a Korean adoptee who almost let depression and anxiety take my life. It is when I learned how to choose a positive mindset that I was able to start to be a leader.

Chloe is the founder of Pineapple Mindset. She created this company in the hopes of building a safe place for other adoptees to feel comfortable being themselves, sharing their feelings, and to reach out for help. She believes that every adoptee has the power to be a leader in his or her life.

That key is having the proper mindset. A Pineapple Mindset.

  • Stand Tall and Wear a Crown: Love yourself unconditionally and embrace yourself fully

  • Be strong and sweet: All emotions matter and you should allow them all to show

  • Grow in a community: Reach out and lean on others. Pineapple Mindset is here to be your support system


You have a community

"In a world with social media, where we are always comparing ourselves to people’s curated photos, we feel like we are the only ones feeling lost and going through problems in our lives. Just hearing ‘you are not alone’ can be four life changing words.

— Chloe Edwards, Chief Empowering Officer