Chloe Edwards Pose on Street

Hi, my name is Chloe Edwards

I am a Korean adoptee who almost let depression and anxiety take my life. Instead, I cultivated a Pineapple Mindset to become a leader within my own life.

I was adopted from South Korea when I was 5 months old to a loving family in Minnesota.

My family was different then others because majority of my cousins were adopted - my sister and 4 out of 6, two even adopted from Korea as well.

Adoption was a normal conversation for our family and not looking like my family members was natural to me.

It wasn’t until I was 16 and driving myself to doctor appointments, filling out the pre-paperwork and realizing all the answers to your family medical records were N/A. Yes, they were my family, but no shared genetics.

The curiosity of what traits, what genes, to even, what illnesses started consuming me.

I would always look at my friends’ family photos and see what traits they got from what parent.

I felt as if everyone had a little glimpse into their future.

In high school, a darkness came over me. I was depressed, had mini anxiety attacks. I had thoughts of suicide. I felt like I was a burden and would never be good enough.

I put walls up and had a happy facade. I thought that no one would understand me.

It wasn’t until I learned about the power of being vulnerable, I was able to choose to have a Pineapple Mindset.

Following a Pineapple Mindset has led me to travel to over 30 countries, work all over the world, present in front of youth and adults, help fellow adoptees by being a mentor to them and, now, start my own business, in hopes of being able to reach more people, like yourself!

What is a Pineapple Mindset?

  1. Standing Tall and Wearing a Crown - Self-confidence

  2. Being strong and sweet - Respecting and loving all your emotions

  3. Growing in a community - Finding the strength to reach out for help and to lean on others


“Every adoptee has the power to be a leader.”