We all have a SUPER POWER!


Wow. Just wow.

Wonder Woman has nothing on Captain Marvel. This movie is not only about women empowerment it is all about having a Pineapple Mindset:

1.      Standing tall and wearing a crown

2.      Being strong and sweet

3.      Growing in a community


On Wednesday, March 6th, I was invited as an every day superhero to a private showing on Captain Marvel. I am a Marvel movie fan girl, so I was so honored and just uber stoaked to see this movie! Unlike Wonder Woman, there was not all this hype about it being the women empowerment movie of the year, just another super hero being introduced in this Marvel series.

But taking a closer look at the movie there are so many vital messages.


Captain Marvel is told that Skrulls (a different kind of space creatures) are the enemy to her planet, Kree, and the galazy. That is her truth. Her reality of Skrulls being bad is all she knows, so her interactions are through the lenses of her reality, so whatever the Skrulls are doing it seems like it must be to attack and harm her.

Is this wrong for her to think? No, because this is all she is ever told.

How is she suppose to change her reality?

But is what she think accurate?

To her? Yes.

Is there another side to the story?

Yes, which creates a different reality, a different truth, a different mindset.

What Captain Marvel does not know is that her friend and captain is the one that actually killed her friend, tried to capture the power that now was inside of Captain Marvel, and are trying to wipe out Skrulls, because their leader wants complete control over the galaxy.

Now knowing some more details, she can make a new truth for herself.

We are all constantly surrounded by messages and lies that we are not good enough. Our parents tell us we are wrong. Our bosses tell us we did not do a good job. Our friends ignore what we say.

We are told we look different. We don’t look like our parents. We don’t know our history.

These may all be true.

But is that bad? Does being different make us worth less than anyone else?

Some people say yes.

But is there another side?


How is being different a bad thing? It makes us unique. It gives us a different story to tell. It gives us strength. It is US!

Throughout the movie, she was told that she was human and that Kree gave her these powers and that without these given powers she was nothing. She heard this every day. They told her to suppress her feelings and that feelings made her weak. Her human nature would be the end of her, so when she thought of her past about being human of her falling off her bike, being bullied, and falling from ropes course, that is all she saw… the negative.


When she saw the strength she had in her community, she realized it was okay to lean on her community and have emotions

She could fall down, but she could also get back up.

She could fail and be called names, but that did not make her weak. It only made her stronger.

That is inside all of all.

We cannot change society in one, but we do have the power to stand tall with the crown we are given. We can love both our strong and soft emotions and be vulnerable with others. We can support our friends and family, while feeling safe to lean on them as well.


We may not have the ability to fly, but we do have the POWER to have a Pineapple Mindset.

Overall — Captain Marvel. Great movie.